Careers in Computer Information Systems

Computers and their use in information systems have created interesting, highly paid and challenging opportunities for millions of men and women (if you are currently looking for a position, click here for job postings).  Employment opportunities in the computer information systems field are excellent, as organizations continue to expand their use of computers. National employment surveys continually forecast shortages of qualified information systems personnel in many job categories.

As a CIS graduate, you may be employed as an information specialist by small or large, local or international, organizations in a number of capacities, such as:

  • Systems analyst – one who designs systems based on the requirements of the end-users.
  • Computer programmer – one who prepares computer programs based on the specifications of the systems analysts.
  • Data communications specialist – one who develops and supports the use of computer networks and data communications.
  • Database administrator – one who develops and oversees the use of databases in an organization.
  • EDP auditor – one who audits the security and performance of computer-based systems.

Promotion from a technical to a management-level position is possible for CIS graduates. The core business courses found in the CIS curriculum prepare students for such opportunities. Administrative-level positions include project leader, supervisor and director of information systems. For additional information on CIS occupation outlook please visit Bureau of Labor Statistics web site.