Mission, Vision, and Values

College of Nursing


The mission of the College of Nursing at Nicholls State University is consistent with the mission statement and goals of the University. The mission of the College of Nursing is to prepare students to contribute to a global society and a diverse workforce as productive, responsible, and engaged citizens and as well-educated nurses to meet the healthcare needs of the Bayou region and beyond. The mission is accomplished by continuous improvement in teaching, research, and service in a student-centered, culturally rich and spirited learning environment that fosters faculty, staff, and student engagement. The College extends its mission beyond instruction by offering continuing nursing education activities for entry-level and advanced practice nurses. The College is dedicated to continuous quality improvement through systematic assessment and evaluation of program outcomes, processes, and current and former students.



To be recognized as an innovative leader in the educational preparation of entry-level and advanced practice nurses while advancing the nursing profession through continuing nursing education.



The College of Nursing supports values that promote citizenship, concern for self and others, and the desire for a better world,” by embracing as its core values:

Civic Responsibility – We use our time and talents to serve our community, recognizing that service to others is the cornerstone of the health professions.

Diversity – We respect differences among members of society by providing a nurturing and tolerant environment.

Excellence – We strive to achieve the highest quality in all endeavors.  We strive for excellence in teaching, research, and service, and empowerment through learning.

Integrity – We strive to be fair and truthful in all instances.

Leadership – We are good stewards and representatives of the university because we value our collective role as a regional leader and model for all we serve.

Respectfulness – We commit to the customs and amenities of a civil society.  We respect the rights of others and are responsive to the needs and interest of our constituents.

Responsibility – We are responsible for our actions.  We adhere to the doctrine of individual accountability in all our activities and contributions.

Caring – We treat others with empathy and openness in all our encounters while respecting each one’s individuality.

Professionalism – We strive to demonstrate integrity in all our actions and to be committed and accountable to our stakeholders.

Safety – We commit to mitigating error through system analysis, quality improvement, and personal accountability and responsibility.

Adopted: Spring 2007