For Retirees: Brain and Body Fitness for Women and Men

Exercise has great effects on brain and body fitness. Effective exercise entails use of various activities that develop increased heart strength (cardiovascular fitness) increased lung capacity, and greater muscular strength and endurance. Obviously, vigorous exercise causes greater blood flow, increasing oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore improved balance, clearer thinking, better mental focus and sharper memory can be developed through various kinds of regular exercise. In addition, for many years rhythmic exercise such as jogging and dance have been used to treat depression.

The knowledgeable instructor of exercise controls the interaction of the:

  • type of exercise
  • frequency or number of days per week
  • intensity or level of difficulty
  • duration or length of each exercise bout. Powerful exercise requires certain regular increases of each component at different times.

Class work will include weights, walking, balance, posture, mental activities and body measurements if desired. Level of activity is tailored to the individual. You are involved in those decisions.

Motivation will be inspired by increasing knowledge through learning about desirable health behaviors. This information will be presented in a compilation of knowledge from current newsletters published by leading universities and teaching hospitals in the United States

This is a cooperative class, not a competitive class. Expect to go home with an elevated mood and feeling energized instead of tired.

Dates: TBA

Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Location: Shaver Gym Kinesiology Lab

 Cost: $59.00

Instructors, Dr. Marie Zannis and Ms. Meg Greene

Please come to participate in planning classes to be held later in the year!