Special Interests

International Culinary Voyage!

Take your pallet on an amazing ride with flavors from all around the globe! You will be cooking, dining, relaxing, and having an awesome multinational experience without having to leave the state. The Continuing Education department has teamed up with one of the area’s culinary geniuses to put together a 4-month tour of some of the most fascinating foods from around the world. Once a month we will be exploring a different region and the tastes that come along with it.  It’s the perfect way of cooking great food while discovering the regional culture and cuisine.
Each four hour class will include the following:

-Discussion of the region and the history behind the cuisine in that area
-Chef’s demo on how the food is prepared
-Hands on preparation, production, and of course, yummy consumption of the 3-course meals
-Critique of meals, question and answer period, wrap-up: suggestions & clean-up

Time: 9am-1pm
Price: $135 each class. **February Class- Couples discount: $250**
Place: Nicholls Gouaux Hall-Culinary Department

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Class Themes Include:

“Date Night in Paris”

You and your date are welcome to come fill your pallet with rich and filling dishes using cream-based sauces of the classical French cuisine. Food is elegant and elaborate with a strong emphasis on presentation. Only the finest ingredients are used for each meal. Postpone your Valentine date, until this Saturday of Culture, Cuisine, and Connection!

 “It’s Greek to Me”
The food consists primarily of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on poultry and seafood, grains, beans and pastas. Come tickle your tongue with tastes of eggplant, artichokes, squash, tomatoes, legumes, onions, mushrooms, okra, cucumbers, and a variety of greens are that are served fresh, baked, roasted, sautéed, grilled and puréed.

“An evening in Italy”
Join us on a truly wonderful culinary experience in the kitchen where you will cook first-hand your authentic Italian meal. Savor the taste of, pastas, and exquisite desserts from the culture and lifestyle of Italy.  Let’s investigate this cavern of magic herbs, rosemary and thyme and sage, oregano and the wines that go along with it!

“Es delicioso”
This richness is no surprise considering Latin cuisine pulls from a colorful cultural history and relies on a spectrum of ingredients ranging from potatoes, corn and other native crops to imported African meat stews, sausages, sauces, and seasonings. These spices are generally what give the Latin American cuisines a distinct flavor.  Let your mouth enjoy the tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, garlic, onions and herbs of this region right in time for Cinco de’ Mayo!



Payment is due a week prior to the first day of class.