Get Real with Yourself

You’re in college. You want to do well. That’s great but are you really putting your best foot forward? Are you really doing all you can do to succeed? Could you study more? Could you deal with other issues that are stopping you from being and doing your best? Take a moment today and get real with yourself. You know what you need to work on. There’s no better time than today.It’s important to keep in mind that getting real with yourself will not be easy, but it is worth it. Life is too short to settle for less than you deserve. Don’t you owe it to yourself to deal with what you’ve been avoiding? You can do it, if you really want to. Help is available. As a student, the University Counseling Center offers free, confidential counseling. It’s worth a try if you have issues that could be helped with counseling. Maybe your problems can be solved without any assistance.

Regardless of how it gets done, the main point of this newsletter is to help you stop making excuses about why you’re not happy or why you can’t do well it school. Whatever the problem or reason, getting real and dealing with it can only benefit you and help you live your best life. So today I challenge you to get real with yourself. You can do it!

Inspired by Dr. Phil