You made it through high school and here you are. Beginning this new phase of your life at the University elicits feelings of excitement and anxiety. Some experience homesickness that dissipates quickly. Others feel fine in the beginning then a few weeks into the semester realize they miss family and friends and don’t know how to cope. For others, grieving over the loss of what was familiar and secure at home permeates their entire life throughout the semester. Regardless of which group you fall into, there are strategies to help you cope.

  • Acknowledge your feelings and accept them
  • Talk to someone–R.A., teacher, counselor, etc.
  • Keep in good contact with people back home, but
  • Think carefully about whether to go home or not on weekends and how often depending on if the constant readjustment makes you feel worse.
  • Give yourself time to adjust.
  • Try to establish a routine as soon as possible
  • Create a home away from home in your room/apartment.
  • Get involved–join an organization, go to events, go to athletic games, play intramurals.
  • Volunteer to help with something.
  • Remember others will be experiencing feelings similar to yours.
  • Keep a journal
  • DO NOT look to unhealthy ways to cope such as alcohol and drugs
  • Get plenty of sleep and eat well.
  • If you feel you cannot cope or notice your normal academic and social functioning are severely affected seek professional counseling through the Counseling Center