Valentine’s Day Tips for Singles

  • First, consider that you are definitely not the only single person out there. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than 80 million people will spend this holiday as singles.
  • IF you’ve been invited to a party consider attending. There’s a strong possibility that you’ll meet other singles to spend time with.
  • Consider getting a group of single friends together to go out for dinner and/or dancing.
  • Use this day to try (or buy) something new. Work on a decorating or home improvement project or a new hobby or craft.
  • Try giving or sharing your talents with other people by volunteering or helping someone else out.
  • Use the night to catch up on overdue correspondence such as e-mails, letters, or thank you cards.
  • Consider spending the evening listening to live music, or hanging out at a local coffee house or bookstore cafe. You can do your own thing but still be with other people.
  • Use the night to catch up on your sleep. Get ready for bed a bit earlier and wind down sooner. Americans are generally sleep deprived so catch up when you can!
  • Exercise today! Exercise will keep the endorphins flowing. You’ll feel more relaxed and sleep better.
  • Valentine’s Day is about love and thanks but it’s not limited to a significant other. Treat a friend, family member, or co-worker who has really been supportive of you.

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