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The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is a unique, one-of-a-kind academic program of study designed to address the bayou/coastal region’s current and future needs in the area of law enforcement and security. The program is custom-made for the Associate Degree transfer student to complete the four-year B.S. degree by entering studies at the junior level. Students beginning the college experience as freshmen may complete foundation courses in general education and criminal justice in preparation for the main program ahead.

The Criminal Justice program meets the Academy of Criminal justice Sciences (ACJS) standards while addressing coastal and maritime issue in criminal justice. Topics include Homeland Security, Maritime Security, Industrial Security, Forensic Science, Wildlife & Fisheries, Customs, Border Patrol, Port Authority, Campus Policing, Diversity, Ethics, Bomb Disposal, Insurance Investigation, Corrections, Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Justice Theory, History of Law Enforcement, Courtroom, Evidence, PTSD, Military Police, Coast Guard, Police Writing, Criminal Psychology, and much, much more.

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