Charge Statement

Nicholls Behavioral Analysis Team (BAT) was established for the expressed purpose of addressing issues attributable to human behavior and the potential threat of violence.

Team Composition
The team will generally be composed of administrative staff responsible for employee and student programs, campus safety and security, campus mental and medical services, faculty with behavior and criminal research expertise, the Crisis Intervention Coordinator and other individuals appointed by the President.

The team shall be responsible for receiving information and determining appropriate team response to the information received. The team shall be authorized to follow-up on information provided and to collect information necessary to determine if there is a threat to the university community. The work of this team and all information collected is considered privileged, thereby, protecting employee privacy rights and student educational records. The information collected will be made available to appropriate response personnel only when the team determines that a response is warranted. Individuals who violate the privacy rights of students or employees will be removed from the team and subject to disciplinary action in accordance with university policies.

The team will be responsible for developing procedures for receiving and responding to incoming information in accordance with established university policies. The team will work with the Crisis Intervention Director to develop and implement education, prevention and response activities. The team will also serve as a review committee for administrative prevention, response and recovering activities.

The team will perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Original Charge 2007