Where To Refer

University Counseling Center
Student Life Human Resources
University Police
Individual might pose threat to self or others Major changes in behavior

Pattern of behaviors of concern

See list on website

Student’s behavior is disruptive or of concern Employee’s behavior is disruptive or of concern Individual poses immediate threat safety to self or others
Any concern about safety of the individual, yourself or others or campus in general

Suspicious behavior, verbalizations, or writings

Interfering with functioning

Generally concerned

Indicate thinking about harming self or others

Discussion or situation is beyond what you feel qualified to assist with

Student behavior violates Code of Student Conduct Employee’s behavior violates Workplace Violence Policy Direct threat is made in any form (kinetic, verbal, writing/paper, text, etc.)

Has weapon or says has weapon

Physical altercation has occurred, is threatened, or is imminent

Contact Dean of Student Services at 448-4080; in person in Student Services , 224 Elkins Hall or michele.caruso@nicholls.edu Tell individual you are concerned and want to help

Offer to let them call from your office or call for them while they’re there

Offer (if comfortable) to walk them to University Counseling Center

when call, if possible, let UCC know level of concern

Contact  Judicial Affairs at Ext. 4530 Contact Director of Human Resources at Ext. 4050 Contact University Police emergency line at Ext. 4911
Call for consultation with Dean of Student Services @ 448-4080 Call for consultation with UCC at 448- 4080 Call for consultation with Student Life at 448-4530 Call for consultation with HR at 448-4050 Call for consultation with  UP at 448-4746

Please visit the University Counseling Center Website for more detailed information about referring distressed students.

Other wellness-related referral sources:

University Health Services — 985.493.2600

Career Services — 985.448.4517

Student Access Center — 985.448.4430