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Research Council Purpose:


The NSU Research Council disseminates grant monies to Nicholls Faculty for research projects in all disciplines.  These funds are to be viewed as "seed money" to undertake worthy projects that will lead to larger projects, external funding, publications, performances, exhibitions or presentations.  The Council is made up of representatives from each college, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Office of the Provost.  Further information about the structure and mission of the Council can be found in the Faculty Handbook.



  • Chad Turner, Assistant Professor of Economics, is the Council Chair
  • There is no maximum award
  • The award budget is $25,000
  • The deadline will be Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Wednesday, April 14th




Frequently Asked Questions (in progress):


Past Recipients:


2009-10 grant cycle:


Ms. Rachel Stephens, Division of Art, $1100

Ralph E.W. Earl's Prints of Andrew Jackson


Dr. Norbert Michel, Department of Finance & Economics, $2285

The Interplay of Consumption and Tax Policy


Ms. Christy Robichaux, Claire Bourgeois, and Wendy Adams, Communicative Disorders Program, $2554

Linking Audiology and Speech Pathology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Individuals at Risk for Central Auditory Processing Disorder


Mr. Jeff Brown, Division of Art, $5612

Contemporary Wood Burning Atmospheric Kiln


Dr. Rajkumar Nathaniel and Dr. Allyse Ferrara, Department of Biology, $6525

Alligator Gar - More than Just a Fish: A Potential Source of Novel Medicine


Dr. Enmin Zou, Department of Biology, $6925

Is Methyl Farnesoate Involved in Regulation of Molting in Crustacea

2008-09 grant cycle:

Dr. Sumita Bhattacharyya, Teacher Education, $3,869

Teaching Science with Inquiry: How Well Do student Teachers Implement Inquiry Methods Following Their Completion of a Science Methods Course?


Dr. Raj Boopathy, Biological Sciences, $5,113*

Fate of Oil and Chemical Spills in Barataria- Terrebonne Estuary


Ms. Simone Camel, Allied Health Sciences, $1860

Assessment of Food Costs, Availability, and Access in South Louisiana


Ms. Angela Corbin, Biological Sciences, $5,113*

Pediatric Case Studies of Recurrent MRS Infections


Dr. John Doucet, Biological Sciences, $5,113*

Ploidimetry: A Novel Technique for Determining Number of Chromosomal Sets in Crustaceans


Dr. Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith, Ellender Memorial Library, $4,076

Jim Morrison, Lawrence Lipton, and Venice West


* indicates that grant was partially funded - grant request exceeded the amount awarded

2007-08 grant cycle:

Dr. Raj Boopathy, Biological Sciences, $5,000

Dr. Morris Coats, Finance and Economics, $412

Dr. Angela Corbin, Biological Sciences, $5,000

Dr. Yusheng Dou, Physical Sciences, $4,425

Dr. Amanda Eymard, Nursing and Allied Health, $3,318

Dr. Raj Nathaniel, Biological Sciences, $5,000

Dr. Chad Young, Physical Sciences, $1,745




Dr. Chad Turner

Assistant Professor of Economics

Department of Finance & Economics

102C White Hall

985-448-4194 (phone)

985-448-4922 (fax)


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