Mission and Vision

The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute (CJFCI) at Nicholls State University is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the rich culinary heritage of Louisiana.  It provides a focal point for the study of classical culinary arts, Louisiana’s culinary heritage and the discovery of regional and global perspectives. The Institute will establish and maintain world-class culinary instructional and research faculty and facilities. The Institute will encourage scholarly and proprietary culinary research and preserve our unique culture through the establishment of an archives and research center. The Institute will encourage and promote the understanding of history and diversity through culinary education to the academic community and the general public, both nationally and internationally.



The objectives of the Chef John Folse Culinary Institute academic program are to provide:

  • An in-depth background and advanced instruction in:
    • traditional art and science of culinary preparation;
    • preparation of food in a safe, sanitary and nutritious manner;
    • principles of culinary operations, product preparation and service;
  • Opportunities for study, application and research in the areas of
    • culinary heritage, indigenous foods and traditional culinary preparations of Louisiana;
    • regional cuisines of the United States and the world;
    • culinary operations, culinary education and training;
    • product development; and
    • familiarization with the food service industry.