Degree Programs


In support of the overall mission of Nicholls, we have developed an innovative and challenging culinary curriculum that provides students an opportunity to broaden their learning, express creativity and develop professional skills through research, practice and community involvement.

  • Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts
    • Culinary Operations Concentration (CACO)
    • Pâtisserie Concentration (CAPC)
    • Professional Concentration (CAPR)
    • Service Management Concentration (CASV)
    • Business Administration Concentration (CABA)
    • Business Entrepreneurial Concentration (CABE)
    • Business Strategic Concentration (CABU)
    • Education Concentration (CAED)
    • Mass Communications Journalism Concentration (CAMJ)
    • Mass Communications Production Concentration (CAMP)
    • Mass Communications Public Relations Concentration (CAMR)
  • Associate of Science in Culinary Arts
  • Minor in Culinary Arts

Course Descriptions

At CJFCI, students can select from a variety of hands-on courses such as Baking and Pastries, Italian Cuisine,  Food and Wine Pairing, Culinary Journalism, Classical French Cuisine or Garde Manger.  In the lab (kitchen) setting, we have a 16:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure our students will have quality one-on-one instruction time with their chef.

Bistro Ruth

Our culinary students run an entire restaurant at The Lanny D. Ledet Building. Bistro Ruth is a culmination of the prior foundation block classes where the culinary students create and execute a menu, greet and serve customers, and perfect skills in a restaurant setting.  The students are exposed to all facets of a restaurant:  the front of the house with setting and serving tables, interacting with guests and providing an atmosphere for a memorable meal.  In the back of the house, students will serve in a variety of positions, anywhere from dishwasher to executive chef.  The goal in this class is to provide numerous experiences for our students to succeed in a real world situation.  For more details regarding Bistro Ruth menus and reservations, please refer to our Bistro Ruth page.



Our students complete internships at some of the country’s finest restaurants.  One internship is conducted at the end of the sophomore year and the second is conducted during the senior year.  The most notable relationship we have is with the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France and this experience provides some of our students with the best hands-on training in French cuisine possible.