Imagine spending six weeks, or even an entire summer, studying culinary techniques in France while earning credit at Nicholls State University.

The Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance brings together thirteen of the world’s finest universities sharing strong educational values and a common commitment to promote the profession of culinary arts. These universities hail from the United States, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Greece and Finland. Each university selects its best students to follow a four-month intensive training at the Institut Paul Bocuse in subjects such as:

  • French Regional Cuisine,
  • the arts de la table,
  • wine selection,
  • cheeses,
  • French cooking terminology and
  • pastry techniques.

With the support of sponsors such as the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE), CJFCI sends at least three students each summer to participate in this world-class program.  Nicholls students study at the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance in Lyon, France during the summer months.

Junior- and senior-level culinary students with above-average culinary skills are encouraged to apply to study at the Institut Paul Bocuse. The application must include a written essay on Lyonnaise cuisine as well as a compelling reason why studying in France would benefit the student’s long-range career goals. Applicants must have at a least a 200-word French vocabulary and a willingness to study the French language. Several members of CJFCI faculty, including Chef John Folse, review the applications and interview the candidates.

The cost per student is approximately $6,000. However, through the generosity of NOWFE, CJFCI has been able to keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum, thereby providing an opportunity to students of all financial backgrounds. Typically, Nicholls sends three students per year. Students who can afford additional travel take advantage of Institut Paul Bocuse’s convenient location. It’s only a train ride away to taste the many flavors of Spain, Italy and northern France.