Venue Facts

906 E. 1st Street

Thibodaux, LA 70301

Main Stage

For: presentation, performance, and film

Square feet: 3,044 sq. ft. (Stage area), 2,647 sq. ft. (Seating area), 5,691 sq. ft. (Total)

Capacity: 324 Seating with 6 ADA spaces and 6 companion seats for a total of 336 seats.


Square feet: 2,659 sq. ft.

Capacity: 332

Technical Specs


  • Proscenium Stage
  • 7 Motorized Batons with ETC Foundation Rigging Controller
  • Steel grid with steel pipe hanging positions over apron and house.
  • Extensive package of theatrical lighting, sound, and AV equipment
  • Full Stage black masking and a full stage cyclorama
  • Backstage amenities include two dressing rooms with restrooms and a Green Room
  • Public amenities include spacious lobby, bar/concession stand/box office, restrooms, and full wheelchair access.


Loading Dock

Loading into the theater is available on the East side of Talbot Hall from Acadia Drive.

Grand Drape

The grand traveler is red in color, slice with travel on stage left pull with guillotine option.

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium opening 48’w x 18’h

Stage performance area from Downstage to Upstage wall 34’ft

Apron Dimensions

Stage Floor

The stage floor make-up consist of a Masonite top and two layers of ¾ plywood. The floor is painted black matte, and is not waxed or polished. Screwing into the floor is allowed only under the supervision of the Technical Director.


38 foot high with craw space on top


Dressing Room A


3 positions with lighting and 110v duplex

Sink in dressing room

Half Bath with ADA

Dressing Room B


3 positions with lighting and 110v duplex

Sink in dressing room

Half Bath with ADA

Green Room


Sink, Fridge and Microwave in Green Room.


Fly Space

18’ proscenium height

19’ Fly space

Line Sets

Total Line Sets: 7 single purchase line sets with 1600lb capacity controlled ETC Foundation Rigging Controller. All batten and electric lengths are 54ft.

Line Schedule

     Line     Use                  Location          Max Height

  1.        Grand Drape       1’2”                 37’4”
  2.        Border/Leg         2’                    37’4”
  3.        Electric 1             3′                     35’
  4.        Batten                  6’                    37’4”
  5.        Shell Ceiling       7’                    37’
  6.        Border/Leg       10’                   37’4”
  7.        Electric 2            11′                   35’
  8.        Border/Leg       18’                   37’4”
  9.       Traveler              19’                   37’4”
  10.       Batten                20’                   37’4”
  11.       Electric 3           21’                   35’
  12.       Batten                25’                  37’4”

SL        SL Side Tab    3’10” off of stage left dead hung

SR        SR Side Tab    3’10” off of stage right dead hung

Soft goods

Description                                        QTY                 Dimensions

Black Teaser                                      3                      4’h x 54’w

Black Traveler Set                             1                      22’hx 27’10”w Stage Left Pull

Leg Sets                                              3                      22’h x 8’w

Backstage Masking Curtains          2                     pair dead hung no fullness (SL/SR) 20’h x 12’w

Scrim white seamless                       1                      22’h x 54’w

Cyclorama white seamless               1                      22’h x 54’w


10 piece Secoa 20′ tall moveable pieces with adjust shell ceiling


Theatrical Lighting Controls

ETC/sensor rack dimmers

DMX Ethernet Control

168 2.4kW Dimmer Modules

2 non–dim relay modules

2 ETC Echo Relay Panels

Control Console

ETC ION Theatrical Lighting Console with 40-fader wing.

ETC Net2 with 3 Gateway Nodes

Stage Power

200 amp three-phase available stage left through ETC Power Safe


All instruments have color frames. All ellipsoidal have template slots. All pars have wide, medium, and narrow lenses. All instruments have safety cables and 20amp stage pin connector.

ETC Source 4 par – 11 units

ETC Source 4 19°– 18 units

ETC Source 4 26°– 22 units

ETC Source 4 36°– 22 units

LED Lights

COLORado 1 Quad Tour – 8 units

PLCYC1 – 14 units


Audio Control Equipment

Yamaha QL1 with 2 Tio Interfaces

Stage Monitors


Production Communications System

1 Clear-Com 2 Channel Intercom Main Station/Power/Supply in booth

1 Clear-Com Remote station stage right

6 Clear-Com intercom belt packs

6 Clear-Com communication headsets

Grand Pianos

2 Steinway Concert D Grand Pianos

Drawing of Danos Theater Stage

Drawing of Danos Theater Stage with Electrics

Drawing of Danos Theater Stage with Lineset

Drawing of Danos Theater Seating Map 

*Please contact us for your specific needs as resources may change on an ongoing basis.