Annual Giving

Does my gift make a difference?


Here are a few examples of what your gift to the Nicholls Foundation Annual Fund can do:

$25 A new book for the library
$50 A case of beakers for a marine biology lab
$100 Software for one computer lab
$250 A journal subscription for the library
$500 Registration and travel expenses for students to attend conferences
$1,000 Tuition assistance for one student
$10,000 A scholarship providing $500 tuition assistance each year for one student.
Participation is Key

Many grants and corporate contributions are restricted to institutions that demonstrate strong alumni giving through programs such as the Annual Fund. As support from you and fellow alumni increases, the ability of Nicholls to attract large corporate and foundation gifts increases as well.

Nicholls State University has an ongoing need for flexible, unrestricted income to support its academic mission.

As unrestricted gifts, your contributions to the Nicholls Foundation Annual Fund are used by the university on a daily basis where the needs and opportunities are greatest. You may, of course, choose to restrict your gift to the program, department or college of your choice.

Your gift, no matter how large or small, provides critical resources that assist Nicholls in the following:

  • providing scholarships and financial aid for deserving students,
  • attracting and retaining excellent faculty in all disciplines,
  • improving technology in classrooms and labs to maximize the learning experience of students,
  • supporting creative teaching methods,
  • providing access to the latest classroom technology,
  • strengthening the curriculum and
  • expanding the offering of volumes and journals in the library.

Annual Fund donations are unrestricted unless otherwise specified. This allows the university the flexibility to address the greatest needs and to respond to changes and opportunities that may occur.

Join with us in support of the Nicholls Foundation Annual Fund. Together we can create a stronger campus!