Didactic Program in Dietetics

The Nicholls undergraduate/didactic program in dietetics is the only accredited program in south-central Louisiana and the greater New Orleans area. The program prepares students to enter a dynamic profession that promotes wellness and disease prevention in today’s fast paced, ever-changing world.

Dietetics students become proficient in foundation knowledge and skills of the dietetics profession. Among the required courses are food science and nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology, management, sociology and technical writing. The university also offers several minors that may appeal to dietetics majors, including: business administration and culinary arts.

Through individual attention, motivation and encouragement, the program’s faculty help develop students who are committed to professional involvement, leadership and service.

Click here for university tuition and fee information. For estimated program related costs please see Dietetics Student Handbook.

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Supervised Practice Requirements

Dietetics Courses

2016-17 Dietetics Student Handbook