The DPD curriculum includes food science and nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, management and sociology courses. Hands-on experience in the campus food science laboratory and at area hospitals, health care facilities and food service operations enhances classroom learning.

View a curriculum sheet to help guide you. (Each student is expected to meet with his/her advisor prior to registering for any class.)

Courses in major should be taken in sequential order. Students can obtain a curriculum plan from their assigned adviser. For more information about the academic calendar and current curriculum, visit the current Nicholls catalog Web page. If you would like information from previous University catalogs, click here to view the archives page.

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Courses of Instruction:

DIET 111. Food and Nutrition

DIET 120. Orientation to Dietetics Profession

DIET 200. Applied Nutrition

DIET 201. Applied Nutrition Laboratory

DIET 215. Meal Management

DIET 264. Food Science

DIET 301. Institutional Planning and Purchasing

DIET 305. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle

DIET 316. Organization and Management

DIET 330. Health Beliefs and Practices in a Diverse Society

DIET 390. Community Nutrition

DIET 404. Quantity Food Production

DIET 410. Advanced Nutrition

DIET 416- Medical Nutrition Therapy I

DIET 418. Medical Nutrition Therapy II

DIET 419. Medical Nutrition Therapy Laboratory

DIET 450- Research in Dietetics I

DIET 451- Research in Dietetics II

DIET 459. Senior Seminar
DIET 495. Practicum in Dietetics