Provide services that ensure equal access to education for qualifying students and referrals to both on and off campus resources.  The Student Access Center will also provide guidance to faculty and staff of their obligations to our registered students under the American with Disabilities Act.

Students who receive services from the Student Access Center will:

  • be provided with equal access to and have a working knowledge of appropriate accommodations and support services,
  • receive referrals for and be informed of available campus resources,
  • receive equal access to university facilities and programs by the removal of barriers and installation of adaptive equipment throughout campus,
  • be provided with advocacy services by the director and staff as necessary and as appropriate,
  • increase their knowledge and use of assistive technology to increase academic independence, and
  • receive services tailored to assist them in remaining eligible for future semesters at Nicholls State University.

The Student Access Center will increase faculty and staff understanding of the various needs of students with disabilities via e-mail and university-wide dissemination of information.


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