Exams with Accommodations

Exams with accommodations are available through theStudent Access Center (SAC) with the cooperation of the instructor.  Based upon the extent of the student’s disability, testing accommodations may include the use of a reader, a writer, extended time, a distraction-limited environment, use of tape recorders, computers and/or adaptive equipment.

Arranging Testing Accommodations

  1. At the beginning of the semester, (or in advance of requesting accommodation), students must give the instructor a copy of the accommodation letter provided by SAC.
  2. Students must also meet with their instructor at the beginning of the semester (or in advance of requesting accommodation) to discuss their disability and exam accommodations.
  3. The instructor is not obligated to allow accommodations unless the above is done.

Scheduling an Exam with Accommodations

  1. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to take their exams with accommodations under the direct supervision of their instructors or their designees.  If not possible, students may take their exam in the SAC  Lab.
  2. Exams are to be scheduled at least one week in advance.  Exams should be scheduled by using e-mail form located on Moodle.  The email should be sent to the instructor and SAC.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule exams.
  3. Students requiring the assistance of a reader or scribe should inform SAC at the time the testing appointment is made.
  4. Exams must be scheduled at the same time as the classroom exam.  Exceptions, such as evening exams or when extended time accommodations conflict with another class period, must be arranged with SAC on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Prior to test day, students should remind instructors that they will be taking their exam in the SAC Lab.
  6. The exam time begins at the time scheduled; the exam will be terminated at the completion of the approved extended time accommodation.  Any variance or adjustment to this must be approved by the SAC Director.
  7. Tests will not be administered to students arriving more than 15 minutes late for appointment.  In this case, students will be sent to class to take test without accommodations.  Time will be deducted from test time for students arriving less than 15 minutes late for appointment.
  8. During exams, students are not allowed calculators, books or other items unless approved by the instructor.  Backpacks, cell phones and purses must be left in the designated area.
  9. Suspected or confirmed cheating will be reported immediately to the instructor.

Rescheduling or Canceling an Exam

  1. If rescheduling an exam is necessary (illness or other emergency), students must notify their instructor and SAC as soon as possible.  The office must have written or verbal permission from the instructor before the exam is rescheduled.  Exams not taken on the scheduled date will be returned to the instructor unless otherwise notified.
  2. If an exam has been canceled by the instructor, students should inform SAC as soon as possible.

Please call the Student Access Center if you have a question that is not answered here at 985-448-4430.