How to Enroll

1. Seek Admissions. Apply and be admitted as an undergraduate (freshman, transfer or international) or graduate student.
2. Contact an Adviser. Speak with an adviser to ensure that Distance learning courses will be credited toward your degree program.
3.  Request Financial Aid. If required, please apply early for financial aid.
4. Go to Banner. Once you are registered with the university, you will be able to enter Banner. Students can use Banner to pay tuition and fees. You can view other student services as well (admission and financial aid status, degree audit, transcript request and much more). Your username will be your Student ID (usually your social security number or eight-digit campus-wide ID), and your password is a six-digit PIN (usually your date of birth, MMDDYY).
5. Contact Instructor. If you have questions regarding a prospective online course (designated as WWW section course in the Nicholls course catalog), please contact the instructor for the respective course. This can be done personally by phone or via e-mail. Some instructors require students to contact them ahead of time but many do not.
6. Go to (virtual) Class. Upon registering for your classes, please log on to Moodle to view the syllabus and course requirements. Some courses in math do not use Moodle, so contact the instructor or department for course location.

Need more guidance?