The objective of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is to assess and better understand and gauge how members of the Nicholls State University community perceive the state of diversity and inclusion on our campus as a part of the University’s ongoing efforts to integrate these principles into all aspects of the campus culture.


The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, as one unified body, places a focus on four target audiences: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni/Community.

Division of Responsibilities

The Steering Team will convene a minimum of twice per regular semester

Responsibilities of the Steering Team:
● Provide general oversight for Task Force
● Ensure timely review and revisions of plan
● Sponsor and coordinate outreach to the campus community regarding the plan
● Serve as spokespersons on behalf of the University’s mdiversity and inclusion efforts
● Apprise the President of progress and need-to-know issues


The Task Force will meet a minimum of once per regular semester.

Responsibilities of the Task Force:

  • Conduct annual review of the Plan
  • Complete tasks within designated Work Team
    • Conduct initial and ongoing assessment pertinent to Work Team
  • Participate in implementation of the Plan and all objectives and actions within the Plan that apply

The Working Groups will meet as necessary to accomplish tasks.

Responsibilities of Work Groups:

  • Conduct assessment and secure feedback from constituents
  • Develop goals, objectives, and actions based on results
  • Monitor its section of plan
  • Coordinate activities included in its section of plan
  • Report back to Task Force