Geomatics Curriculum


The geomatics program educates students in the way landform and spatial data are measured, recorded, processed, stored, retrieved and shared by the use of conventional methods and new technologies in geographic information systems, land information systems and global positioning systems. The program also prepares students to face the increasing demands by society for more data with increasingly higher standards of accuracy.

Traditional courses, distance learning technologies and internships maximize educational opportunities for both traditional and nontraditional students. Classes for the Professional Land Surveyor Certification have been incorporated into the geomatics program.

Students graduating from the Nicholls geomatics program:

  • know the theories and methods of measuring,
  • understand other methods of collecting information about the physical earth and environment,
  • know how to process the gathered information and then how to best prepare a presentation of that information,
  • have a general knowledge of the basic laws governing the decisions to be made during the processing of information and
  • have the academic course requirements to be registered as a professional land surveyor.

Learn more about the geomatics program and courses by visiting the Nicholls catalog.