Pre-Engineering Curriculum & Degree Plan

Engineering is a challenging and rewarding career path. The Nicholls Pre-Engineering program allows students to complete their first two years of courses in an environment where they can receive one-on-one attention from instructors and adjust to college life before applying to an engineering program at another institution.

The Pre-Engineering curriculum is tailored to fit each student’s needs, depending on which institution they plan to attend after the two years and which engineering field they wish to pursue. Students meet with their adviser early during their freshman year to select electives and plan a curriculum that will help them successfully transfer to an engineering program.

While students spend the majority of their two years completing general education requirements, such as English and mathematics, most also take beginning engineering science courses in engineering graphics, computer-aided drawing and surveying graphics offered through the Nicholls Department of Applied Sciences.

Pre-Engineering Degree Plan (2017 – 2018)