MAT Program Requirements

The program leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree requires thirty-seven semester hours.  Every candidate must complete at least one-half of the work for the degree in courses open only to graduate students, and must earn an overall average of B or better with not more than six semester hours with the grade of C (2.0).   In addition, candidate progress will be assessed at four transition points in the program.  Transition point evaluations of candidates will occur at entrance to the program, prior to clinical practice, exit from clinical practice, and at program completion.  Criteria for successful completion of each transition point will be specified in the program handbook.

The degree is offered in four curriculum areas with one or more concentrations in each.  A candidate must follow the prescribed curriculum in the sequence indicated in order to progress to the master’s degree.  A candidate must complete the foundation core, apply for and be accepted for candidacy before being permitted to enroll in the Advanced Concentration Coursework unless approved by the Coordinator of Graduate Studies and the Dean.