Degree Requirements

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling curriculum includes a 60-hour emphasis to prepare students to enter careers in human service delivery systems or to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Note that licensure in Louisiana (and most states) requires completion of additional post-graduate supervised counseling experience and a passing grade on the National Counselor Exam.

Graduate courses required for the degree are as follows:

Required Courses:
COUN 500 (3)- Basic Facilitative Skills
COUN 502 (3)- Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling
COUN 504 (3)– Adult and Child Psychopathology and Diagnosis
COUN 505 (3)- Analysis of the Individual
EDFR 501 (3)– Educational Research or
PSYC 507 (3)– Statistical Analysis and Research Methods
PSYC 523 (3) – Crisis Prevention and Intervention
COUN 510 (3)– Theory and Procedure in Group Counseling
COUN 511 (3)- Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
COUN 513 (3)- Applied Psychopharmacology
COUN 519 (3)- Advanced Lifespan Developmental Psychology
COUN 520 (3)- Introduction to Counseling Practicum
COUN 521 (3)- Counseling Practicum
COUN 527 (3)- Career and Lifestyle Development
COUN 526 (3)- Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy
COUN 541 (3)– Cross Cultural Counseling
COUN 545 (3)– Counseling Internship I
COUN 546 (3)– Counseling Internship II
COUN 549 (3)– Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling
COUN 551 (3) –Applied Theories
COUN 596 (0)- Clinical Mental Health Master’s Comprehensive Exam

Elective Courses – Candidates must complete three hours from the following courses:
PSYC 506 (3)- Applied Behavior Analysis
COUN 509 (3)– Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals
COUN 512 (3)– Cognitive Behavior Theory & Applications
COUN 522 (3)– Interventions for Diverse Needs
COUN 525 (3)- Problems in Counseling
COUN 530 (3)– Counseling Strategies with Children and Adolescents
COUN 537 (3)- Substance Abuse Counseling
COUN 538 (3)- Theory and Practice of Play Therapy in Counseling
COUN 550 (3)- Special Topics in Counseling: May be taken multiple times if topics differ

An internship worth six credits must be completed with 600 clock hours in an approved field placement. In addition, a written master’s comprehensive examination is required upon completion of the program.

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