Press Release – Jennifer Degruise

It is with great pride and joy that we announce that a member of LCA and LSCA, Jennifer Degruise, has formally been named as one of the top 5 national finalists for the American School Counselor of the year!!! This is the first time anyone from Louisiana has received this level of recognition and we are so thrilled for her. Jennifer was nominated this summer and her journey is just beginning. She will be escorted by her principal, Mrs. Kelly Dupre, and LSCA Board Past-President, Dr. Jennifer Curry, to Washington D. C. in January for 4 days of events including Capitol hill visits, Briefings, and a Recognition Gala at Union Station honoring the 5 national finalists. Her work will be highlighted in ASCA’s School Counselor as well. The other 4 finalists are from Georgia, Colorado, Virginia, and California. The only other national recognition award available in the field of school counseling is a Recognized ASCA Model Program Award (RAMP) Award which recognizes the program design and achievements. This award, National School Counselor of the Year, is meant to recognize the actual school counselor rather than the counseling program of a particular school.

As part of the nomination process she had to complete a lengthy packet including:
–5 essay questions about her school counseling program, efforts in advocacy, professional development throughout her career, and data collection (all questions had to have supporting documentation) –She had to create a 5 minute video showcasing her program, school and students –Develop a resume –Answer statistical information about the school setting where she works\ –Have 3 supporting letters of recommendation

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer Degruise! What an honor for her and a proud moment for Louisiana Counselors!