Degree Requirements

Graduate coursework includes 60 academic hours plus 12 hours of internship credit. Graduate courses cover topics such as:

PSYC 507                           Statistical Analysis and Research Methods
PSYC 507                           Psychometrics
PSYC 504                           Adult and Child Psychopathology and Diagnosis
PSYC 511                            Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
PSYC 512                            Theories of Learning
PSYC 509                           Practicum in Diagnostic Testing I
PSYC 522                           Interventions for Diverse Needs
PSYC 527                           Problems and Issues in School Psychology
PSYC 500                          Basic Facilitative Skills
PSYC 516                           The Psychology of Child & Adolescent Development
or PSYC 519                         Advanced Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSYC 506                          Applied Behavior Analysis
PSYC 514                           Practicum in Diagnostic Testing II
PSYC 529                          Instructional School Consultation Strategies
PSYC 530                          School Psychology Externship I
PSYC 520                          Psyc Counseling Practicum I
PSYC 528                          Behavioral Consultation Strategies
PSYC 531                           School Counseling Externship II
PSYC 542                          Cognitive Behavior Theory and Applications
or PSYC 543                         Applied Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Counselors
PSYC 598                          Specialist’s Comprehensive Exam
PSYC 523                          Crisis Prevention and Intervention
PSYC 532                          School Psychology Internship I
PSYC 533                          School Psychology Internship II

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