Externship I/II (Psychology 530 / Psychology 531) are a two semester part-time placement in a school-based environment or an approved alternative setting which serves school-aged children. Only one semester placement in an alternative setting is allowed.

The primary focus of Externship is training, but candidates provide some service functions over the course of the year. The Externship provides opportunities for candidates to acquaint themselves with the roles, responsibilities, and functions of school psychologists and other pupil service personnel. Candidates are required to participate, at a minimum, in multidisciplinary team case staffing, school building level committee meetings, and general pupil appraisal staff meetings.  Candidates also participate in school-wide preventative services for academic, behavioral, and crisis needs. In addition to providing a general introduction to the structure and organization of educational institutions and school/community resources, candidates provide limited services. These activities can include the administration of diagnostic instruments, observations, student and parent interviews, and the design and implementation of academic or behavioral interventions, consultation and individual and group problems. Readiness to complete these activities is determined on an individual basis, and all activities are conducted under the direct supervision of the field-based supervisor, in collaboration with a university-based supervisor.


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