Internship is the final level of applied training in the NSU School Psychology Program. Typically, the internship is a full-time supervised off-campus placement which takes place in an approved public school setting. The school psychology faculty may approve an alternative internship site. The length of the Internship is typically one academic year with a minimum of 1200 hours. At least 600 of the total hours must be in a school-based setting.

The primary purpose of the Internship is to facilitate a candidate’s development into a competent professional school psychologist. This is achieved by candidate mastery of the skills they acquired during their training. Internship training occurs across all grade levels and involves services to students in regular and special education settings. To be eligible for internship, the candidate meets all of the following:

1. Successful completion of at least 60 hours of graduate coursework including two semesters of externship as previously outlined.

2. Prior to or concurrently with completion of PSYC 532 (School Psychology Internship II) candidates must successfully complete a comprehensive written and oral examination in school psychology.

3. Be eligible for and/or possess provisional school psychologist certification from the state in which they are completing their internship.

4. The internship setting must be approved by school psychology program faculty. A Memorandum of Affiliation must be signed by the internship site supervisor.


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