Master of Arts in Teaching

The MAT program at Nicholls State University provides the opportunity, framework, and mentoring necessary for the candidates to learn about research-based instructional strategies, utilize technology and conduct action research.  Through course work and engaging in research MAT candidates are poised to become “Responsible Leaders Engaging in Professional Practice.”

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Thinking about becoming a teacher?

Expand your professional teaching knowledge with Nicholls State University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.  With guidance and support from Nicholls’ faculty, you will develop the skills and perspectives you need to become an agent of change – both in the classroom and in the wider educational community.The Master of Arts in Teaching is a graduate program in teacher preparation for individuals who have a baccalaureate degree in the liberal arts or sciences and a desire to enter the teaching profession. This program, designed to build upon the undergraduate academic foundation, provides college graduates with a challenging program of study designed to facilitate the earning of an advanced degree while also completing requirements for a Louisiana license to teach. MAT combines graduate level work in the teaching field with education courses and a two-semester internship. The program is rigorous in its curriculum and expectations, yet flexible to meet the needs of the graduate student who typically must balance formal coursework with other demands.

The Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) The MAT is offered in:

  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary and Elementary Mild and Moderate Special Education (dual certification)
  • Human Performance Education
  • Middle Grades English Education
  • Middle Grades Mathematics Education
  • Middle Grades Science Education
  • Middle Grades Social Studies Education
  • Secondary English Education
  • Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Secondary Science Education
  • Secondary Social Studies Education
  • Secondary and Secondary Mild and Moderate Special Education (dual certification)


SR Education Group, an online education publisher, has developed a scholarship program specifically for education graduate candidates.  The scholarship award is $5,000, and is awarded four times per year.

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MAT Admission Requirements

Program Admission

Admission to Graduate Studies does not imply admission to MAT programs. Applicants who have met all requirements for admission to Graduate Studies but who have not met degree program admission requirements are classified as non-degree seeking. While so classified, students may not earn more than nine semester hours to be applied later toward a MAT degree. While a student is in non-degree seeking status, no credits earned with less than a B grade will be applied toward the MAT degree. 

Admission to the MAT program requires applicants to:

  • Submit completed program application.
  • Submit three recommendations.
  • Possess and submit a Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Have obtained a minimum 2.5000 GPA on the first baccalaureate degree according to official transcript OR complete a satisfactory interview with program emphasis area faculty.
  • Have obtained and submitted successful completion of PPST OR Core Academic Skills for Educators Praxis exams: (1) Reading, (2) Writing, and (3) Mathematics OR obtained a minimum 22 composite score on the ACT.
  • Successful completion of Praxis II Content Exam in the area of desired certification.
  • Undergo a criminal background check; specific programs may require additional criminal background checks after matriculation. All background check(s) will be performed by the College’s designated provider and paid for by the student.
  • Submit acceptable GRE scores. An applicant with significant and meaningful experience and a strong academic background may request that the GRE be waived as a requirement for admission. The request for the waiver shall be submitted in writing to the Graduate Coordinator and the Dean of the College and clearly state the basis for the waiver. A current resume shall accompany the request. A final decision will be made by the Graduate Program Committee. Applicants who are unable to meet this requirement should submit acceptable scores on the GRE (verbal plus quantitative). A minimum score of 335 is required on the formula: GPA on the last 60 undergraduate hours times 20, plus the GRE General Test score. Acceptable scores must be submitted within the first semester of entering a Master’s Program.

Admission to Candidacy

Student must successfully complete the program emphasis area foundation core coursework.

MAT Program Requirements

The program leading to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree requires 33 to 42 semester hours, depending upon the option selected and desired certification area. Every candidate must complete at least one-half of the work for the degree in courses open only to graduate students, and must earn an overall average of B or better with not more than six semester hours with a grade of C (2.0). 

The degree is offered in six curriculum areas with one or more concentrations in each. A candidate must follow the prescribed curriculum in the sequence indicated in order to progress to the master’s degree. A candidate must complete the foundations core, apply for and be accepted for candidacy before being permitted to enroll in the Advanced Concentration Coursework unless approved by the Department Head and the Dean.

  • All components of this program must be completed in six years or less.
  • No more than nine (9) semester hours will be accepted from another university.
  • A person eligible to enter the program must apply for admission and be registered in classes at Nicholls State University in order to obtain a prescription.
  • ONLY the courses listed provide credit toward initial teacher certification. 


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