Graduate Spotlight

tricia corbinTricia Corbin

“Obtaining my masters in this program was the best decision I could make!  If it weren’t for the knowledge and confidence I received from this program, I would never have landed my dream job within a year of completion of my masters.”

Degree: Educational Technology Leadership
Graduation Date:  December 2011
Current Position:  Educational Technology Facilitator for Terrebonne Parish School District


jenna laicheJenna Laiche

“The best decision I ever made was to complete my masters degree at Nicholls. This program was fantastic. The professors were amazing and kept you engaged.”

Degree: Educational Technology Leadership
Graduation Date: December 2013



meggie mayberryMeggie Mayberry

“Continuing to work toward my Master’s degree was an endeavor I never questioned. The education professors are not only inspirational and motivational, but are also essential in helping me to achieve my goal. I have been lucky to work closely with them as an undergraduate student, graduate candidate, graduate assistant, and now in parent-teacher relationships, as I teach some of their children. ”

Degree: Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction
Graduation Date: December 2015
Current Position: 1st Grade Teacher, St. Genevieve Catholic School


heather b. benoitHeather B. Benoit

“Nicholls State University‛s College of Education department helped shape me into the person I am today. Many of the classes I took in my undergraduate and graduate program offered hands-on learning experiences that I was able to use with my own students in my classroom. The lessons that my professors delivered to us were not your usual college lectures, they delivered lessons that were engaging, inspiring, and enriching. Each lesson presented the opportunity to be involved in the learning, which made my experience as a student in the College of Education meaningful and everlasting. I am thankful for being able to partake in such an enriching program that has been extremely beneficial to my future. The College of Education‛s program helped me blossom into the hard-working, confident, knowledgeable and passionate educator I am today. I will be forever grateful for each professor, each experience, and each day spent in the College of Education.”

Degree: Reading Specialist Curriculum and Instruction
Graduation Date: May 2014
Current Position: Director and Coordinator of the Wallace Community Center in Raceland, LA
Director of “Beyond the Bell” after-school program.