Benefits to Students


  • No longer will professionals have to spend two evenings per week in class for three to five years to earn an MBA. The Nicholls EMBA program allows participants to earn an MBA degree in approximately 18 months.¬†Duhe Building photos for EMBA brochure
  • Forget about taking time off from work to attend classes. EMBA courses are held for eight hours approximately every other Saturday. This face-to-face interaction accounts for about 50 percent of course instruction; the remainder is conveniently delivered online.
  • No extra classes are required for professionals without undergraduate business degrees. The traditional MBA program requires a series of foundation courses as prerequisites to enrolling in graduate classes. The EMBA program replaces foundation courses with gateway seminars,” which prepare students to begin graduate work. Each course is taught one at a time for seven weeks, with gateway seminars being held the first two weeks.
  • The Nicholls EMBA program is an outstanding value. Total cost of the program¬† including books, lunches, parking decals and graduation fees is $28,000. Many companies pay program tuition or reimburse their participating employees fully or partially.


  • Learn on Saturday, apply on Monday. Professors in the EMBA program provide participants with relevant information that they can take back to work on the next day. Practical application of business principles is emphasized.
  • These are not your average professors. Faculty members selected to instruct EMBA courses are the college’s best of the best. All have been selected based on their business, academic and research experience.
  • EMBA participants are both students and teachers. Because three or more years of professional experience is required, EMBA students bring real-life problems and examples from their areas of expertise into class discussions. High-level, motivated peers and small class sizes optimize collaborative learning.