Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of Enrollment Services is to provide a high-quality support service to the academic units that carry out the university’s instruction and service programs, and to provide high-quality services to students. The following are guiding principles to govern all aspects of Enrollment Services.


  1. Improve the quality of undergraduate beginning students.
  2. Improve prudent utilization by students of all available financial aid resources and the effective use of financial aid resources in recruitment and retention of students consistent with campus enrollment goals.
  3. Increased quality and quantity of new transfer student enrollment.
  4. Improve phone, mail, electronic, and in-person services for prospective, continuing, transfer and returning students in all areas of enrollment services.
  5. Improve utilization and effectiveness of scholarships in recruiting and retaining students.
  6. Increase the number of Veterans enrolling at Nicholls.
Updated Febuary 2012