Upper Division Program


Course credit is available for any qualified participants, advisers, teachers or administrators traveling with foreign study programs. Credit earned may be transferred to other accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States.


Students may earn either three or six hours (units) of credit.


  • History 490. Problems in History. (3 semester hours) — Interdisciplinary study of selected problems in history.
  • Humanities 405. Topics in International Humanities. (3 semester hours) — Intensive study of the humanistic contributions of a selected country or area.


The completed registration form should be sent to:

Nicholls Europe
Nicholls State University
Thibodaux, LA 70310

A check made out to Nicholls State University for $719.45 for three hours or $1,418.90 for six hours should be included.

Registration must be completed by May 27th. No registration forms will be accepted after this date. There are no other documents other than the completed application and fees needed for registration. If undergraduate students wish to enroll at Nicholls State University for the fall 2013 semester, they will need to reapply.


The principal requirement for the listed courses is the preparation of an in-depth paper relative to the scope of the course. Proper academic standards are required in the preparation of this report. Individual research and field trip work is emphasized with summer study and travel residence in Europe where required.

Grades earned will be awarded and will appear on the student’s official transcript. For an official transcript, contact the Office of Records and Registration. Indicate the institution of higher learning to receive the transcript, your official name, social security number and date of birth. Nicholls State University does not charge a fee for transcripts.

Reports should carry proper source documentation and should be submitted according to the syllabus. However, some foreign study itineraries will make this impossible. In these cases, an incomplete grade (“I”) will be issued. Students have until the last day of school of the next full semester to complete the required report and remove the (“I”).