Current Credit Adjustments – FA23


When a student officially resigns from the university, credit adjustments will be based on the official date of resignation.  Whether or not a student attends class does not factor into the credit adjustment calculation.   There is no adjustment to tuition and fees charged when a student reduces his/her course load by dropping one or more classes once registration closes.  A resignation credit adjustment, if applicable, is based on current hours enrolled.

Any student receiving financial aid that will reduce the account balance to $300 or lower, is responsible for cancelling his/her registration by dropping all courses prior to the close of registration for the term registered.

Fall 2023

Before registration ends – 100% of tuition and fees charged
August 21, 2023  – August 25,  2023 – 100% tuition and fees* charged
August 26, 2023 – September 8, 2023 – 50% tuition and fees* charged
After close of business on September 8, 2023 – 0%
*All licensing fees are non-refundable once registration closes.

Whenever a student must reduce the number of courses because a course was cancelled, or rescheduled at another time, or because the student was advised to enroll in a course in which he or she was ineligible, a full credit adjustment will be made for the hours dropped.

Credit adjustment dates are based on first day of classes for the University.

For questions regarding the above refund policy, contact the Fee Collection Center at 985-448-4058.

Resignation with Financial Aid
Students receiving federal financial aid must comply with federal regulations regarding the return of Title IV funds.  Federal financial aid regulations have defined that a student who withdraws from all courses prior to completing more than 60% of a semester or session has not earned 100% of the federal financial aid that was received, and the student and/or the school may be required to return a portion of his or her federal aid.  If you are thinking about withdrawing from all classes prior to completing more than 60% of the semester, you should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine how your withdrawal will affect your financial aid.


A credit on a student’s account occurs when payment applied is greater than the amount that is owed.  This can be the result of financial aid or other awards being applied to a student’s account.

Avoid having to wait on the mail to receive your credit balance check. Students may choose to have their credit balance refunds deposited directly into their bank account or applied to their Colonel Card Account.

Students who would like to sign up for direct deposit, should submit a completed direct deposit form to Controller’s Office, PO Box 2003, Thibodaux, LA 70310.  To access the direct deposit form,  go to Direct Deposit Credit Balance

Students who would like to transfer their credit balance to their Colonel Card account should contact the Fee Collection Center, 142 Elkins Hall, 985-448-4058.

Any amount due to a student will be, if applicable, applied to any indebtedness due the university.  Any remaining balance shall be paid based on the method in which the student has chosen.

Refunds and/or credits will be applied based upon the following policies:

  1. All credit adjustments due a student shall first be applied to any indebtedness due the university, any remaining credit adjustment will be paid to the student.
  2. Any indebtedness remaining after credit adjustments have been applied must be paid in full before re-entry into the university or before receiving a transcript.
  3. The applicable date used to calculate credit adjustments for students who enrolled in only off-campus, only night, only web or seven-and-seven program classes shall be the date of their first class meeting rather than the first University class day listed on the university calendar.
  4. When a student resigns from the university because of approved medical reasons, the date used in calculating credit adjustments shall be the date when a student became medically unable to continue class attendance or the last class attended as verified by instructor.  An attending physician’s statement must be submitted upon resignation.
  5. If a student dies during a semester, a full credit adjustment will be made.
  6. Whenever a student must drop a course because a course was canceled or rescheduled at another time by the university, or because the student was advised to enroll in a course in which he or she was ineligible, a full credit adjustment will be made for the dropped course.  No credit adjustment will be made when a student drops a class for any other reason once registration has closed.
  7. The policy and procedures for handling credit adjustments or reduction of charges for housing and food services can be reviewed at www.nicholls.edu/housing/policies-handbooks.  A printed copy of the policies and procedures is available at the Housing office in the Brady Complex Apartment Club House.
  8. No credit adjustment of tuition, fees or other costs paid in association with attendance at the university, including room and meal costs, will be made in the case of students who have been subject to disciplinary action which deprived them of privileges and services for which they paid.
  9. Requests for exceptions to the university credit adjustment policy as stated in numbers 3, 4, and 6 above must be made in writing by the student and submitted to the Controller.  Also, for number 4, an attending physician’s statement must be attached to the letter.
  10. The above policies are subject to change without notice.

For questions regarding the above refund policy, contact the Fee Collection Center at 985-448-4058.


Fee Collection Center
142 Elkins Hall

Controller’s Office / Accounts Payable
144 Elkins Hall

Financial Aid
418 Candies Hall