Amanda Lane Distefano

distenfanoFinance, 2003

Amanda Lane Distefano set out to discover whether her finance degree was really as flexible as her professors told her it could be.

Immediately upon graduating in 2003, Distefano moved to San Diego, where she worked as a mortgage broker/loan officer. After working for six months, she was promoted to a senior mortgage broker position.

Ready to try something else finance-related, Distefano landed her current job as an escrow assistant at ProWest Escrow, Inc. in La Jolla, Calif. Distefano said her undergraduate education and experience have helped her learn the ins and outs of escrow, which refers to the third party custody of real estate, title and/or money until certain transaction conditions are met between two parties.

“My previous job was finance-related with sales involved,” Distefano says. “Now I use what I learned in my real estate classes at Nicholls on top of what I learned at my old job.”

Distefano says real estate laws in Louisiana and California are quite different but her undergraduate courses helped her understand the terminology and basic concepts, which remain the same.

During her college days at Nicholls State University, Distefano most enjoyed the small, personal atmosphere of the campus and her experiences living in the residence halls.

“I met some really wonderful friends that I would have never met had I not lived in Ellender Hall,” Distefano says. “Give dorm life a try. It may not be as glamorous as you had hoped, but it will give you the chance of a lifetime to meet new and great people that you will never meet if you commute to and from school.”