Rene Cheramie

cheramieFinance, 1988

Nicholls State University is not usually thought of as a prep school for individuals looking to serve in the armed forces. But its programs certainly helped Rene Cheramie.

Cheramie carried management skills from his College of Business Administration courses and leadership learned from the former ROTC program with him during his 12-month tour with the 256th Infantry Brigade in support of Iraqi Freedom. Cheramie served as the brigade signal officer and was a part of the 1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Infantry Division.

Cheramie currently lives in Lafayette, where he is the president of A.R. Cheramie Marine Management, Inc. The company owns, operates and maintains offshore towing vessels and barges.

As a student at Nicholls, Cheramie enjoyed being able to learn with few distractions but also being close enough to easily travel to New Orleans. Additionally, the small classrooms and quality instructors in the College of Business Administration were conducive to his learning, Cheramie says.