Robyn Legendre Keller

Finance, 2001

Robyn Legendre Keller’s parents and teachers repeated one phrase to her throughout her entire life: You can accomplish anything. But she didn’t believe it. Not then.

What Keller remembers most about her college experiences at Nicholls State University is finding the truth in that statement. “Finally realizing that I had the power to make anything happen and that I held my own destiny was an awakening to me,” Keller says.

A summer internship at Marathon Petroleum Company LLC helped solidify this realization. The company moved Keller to Ohio for the summer and offered her a full-time job upon her fall graduation. Despite the geographic leap for this Thibodaux native, Keller accepted the job as a financial analyst in brand marketing within the company’s credit card center.

Keller says Nicholls helped her adjust well to being an entry level employee with a lot of new responsibilities.

“Nicholls best prepared me to meet Corporate America’s expectations of entry level employees,” Keller says. “From a personal and professional level, Nicholls made sure I was prepared for the road ahead. There was always an open door to talk to someone about concerns and great advice to be obtained.”

Keller is still working at Marathon in Findlay, Ohio, as a purchasing and commercial services representative. Being away from her hometown has taught her to appreciate it and Nicholls much more.

“It may be simply because not many people fully understand the accent that you never thought you had or something more serious like the kind-hearted people who make the South known for its hospitality,” Keller says. “To me, Nicholls is a taste of home. It’s everything that I love about the South.”