Tim Emerson

Finance, 1990

Tim Emerson may have been a non-traditional student but his opinion on elective courses unrelated to his major was mainstream. He thought they were a complete waste of time.

Today, as the first vice president of investments at Smith Barney, Emerson realizes that those courses helped broaden his horizon and scope of interest, thereby enabling him to build better relationships with clients and lead a more interesting life.

“Find an interest in each and every class, because it is amazing how so many things we think are unrelated to our current endeavor can later serve us so well,” Emerson advises. “I never thought at the time that music appreciation would be so rewarding. Music appreciation connected the dots in history, and I actually began to enjoy another flavor of music that I likely would have missed out on in life.”

Emerson, a native of Oklahoma, came to Houma to work in the oilfield after completing his tour of duty in the Marine Corp. After working for several years as a crew pusher, Emerson decided to prepare for a career in investing at Nicholls State University. At that time, the oilfield service company he was employed for was closing its local office and wanted to send him to Trinidad.

“I had young children and thought it better to find a less volatile career,” Emerson says about his choice to attend Nicholls. “I believe Nicholls is unique in its close knit staff, and its professors are always available to students and eager to advance and encourage their level of understanding.”

Upon graduation, Emerson began his career advising individuals and institutions on accumulating, preserving and distributing wealth at Legg Mason, which later exchanged its brokerage division with Citigroup’s to become Smith Barney’s. Since his time there, Emerson has earned designations such as Portfolio Manager, Wealth Management Specialist, Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Analyst.