Q. I took MATH 102 or 105. Do I have to take MATH 106?
Yes. MATH 106 covers material that is not taught in the other mathematics courses and that will be valuable in completing other required courses later in the degree program.

Q. Can I take a course and one of its prerequisites at the same time?
No. We use prerequisites to make sure that you have the proper knowledge base to be successful in more advanced courses. Material that is taught in the prerequisite course is needed to understand what is being covered in the more advanced course.

Q. I have 59 hours of non-developmental credit. Why can’t I take junior- and senior-level business courses?
AACSB accreditation (which makes your degree more valuable) requires that certain course work be taken only by students that have at least junior standing. That is defined to be 60 hours of non-developmental credit. One hour might not seem like much but a line had to be drawn somewhere.

Q. How do I find out who my adviser is?
Who would you like it to be? Rather than assigning advisers, we let you select the faculty member who you feel most comfortable with. If you haven’t gotten to know any of the faculty members yet just stop by the departmental office (103 White) and Bobbie Taylor can line you up with someone who is available. Later as you have gotten to know some of the faculty, it is no problem for you to change who you seek academic advice from.

Q. When are the various finance courses being offered?
The basic courses are offered every semester. Check ICAN to get the available times for the current semester and any future semesters that have been finalized. Upper level courses are generally offered once per year. See standard course offering schedule.

Q. What requirements must I meet in order to begin taking finance courses?
Before you can take your first finance course, you must meet the university requirements and have at least 60 hours of course credits with a 2.0 GPA. Note that any developmental courses you may have taken are not included in the 60-hour rule. In addition, many of the courses have specific prerequisites that must be completed prior to taking the course.

Q. I received a D in a business course. Do I have to retake the class?
We generally recommend that you retake any business course in which you have received a D. The reason is that you are only allowed one D in the “Foundation of Knowledge for Business” courses. In particular, failing to retake a lower level business course in which you received a D can set you back if you should receive another D, since this would result in a mandatory retake. In addition, note that you must earn at least a C on all coursework in your major as well as the capstone course.

Q. I’m thinking of transferring to Nicholls. How many credit hours must I earn at Nicholls in order to receive an undergraduate degree?

A. To qualify for graduation with a baccalaureate degree in business, you must earn at least 30 hours from Nicholls while in residency. You must also take at least one half of your business courses at Nicholls. Feel free to come by or contact us by E-mail or phone to determine exactly where you stand.