Student Requirements

To Check the status of your Financial Aid:

  1. Login to Banner Self Service
  2. Click the “Financial Aid” Tab
  3. Click “Eligibility”
  4. Select the Aid Year from the drop down. This is the same as the year of the FAFSA that you submitted.

Student Requirements Tab

  • Listed under the Student requirements tab will be any Unsatisfied requirements, along with the status of the requirement. Click on the image beneath “Instructions” for directions on how to handle each request. If the name of the requirement is a link, it will provide you with a copy of whatever form you may need to complete.
  • Note that sometimes the ‘status’ tab will indicate what is holding up your review. Example: Missing One or More Signature(s), Additional W2(s) Required, Received Not yet Reviewed, etc.
  • Sometimes additional information describing a status will be listed on top of the “Unsatisfied Requirements” tab. This will assist you in figuring out what needs to be submitted.
  • Note that all satisfied requirements will be listed as well as the date they were completed.

Holds Tab

  • Click on the Holds tab to see if you have any Financial Aid Holds. A Financial Aid hold will stop you from receiving aid. If you have a hold, contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance and additional details.

Academic Progress Tab

  • Click on the Academic Progress tab in order to determine your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). You must maintain SAP in order to receive financial aid. This tab will give you your SAP status as well as additional information that relates to it.