The Nicholls State University – Family Resource Center, located on campus, offers direct support and assistance to community residents through referrals, professional researched information, and self-help materials.

– A toll free telephone line provides confidential and anonymous assistance for family, child, crisis and emergency issues.  The consultation typically relates to a variety of family problems such as financial support, childcare, parenting, disability, addiction, mental health, counseling services, homebound care and other crises situations.

– A community resource directory is published annually to assist human service professionals and families locate services and access the human service system.  The extensive directory offers referral information about community services and programs.  Referral listings include resources in Assumption, Lafourche, St. Charles, St. James, St. John, St. Mary, and Terrebonne Parishes, as well as, listings across the state.

Funded by Nicholls State University, the Family Resource Center assists with communication, self-esteem, conflict resolution, and positive action.

The Resource Center is a one-stop shop for:

  • Parenting
  • Financial assistance
  • Nutrition
  • Marital and family therapy
  • Chemical dependency
  • Homeless
  • Anger Management

Let the Family Resource Center treat you like family in Assumption, Lafourche, St. Mary, Terrebonne or St. Martin.