Celebrating Water // Bayou Festivals

Celebrating Water // Bayou Festivals

[metaslider id="3318"] by Jenna Orgeron Special Sections Editor Locals have not only formed careers and communities based on the numerous waterways of South Louisiana, but... Details
Talk Cajun to Me //  “Water Speaking”

Talk Cajun to Me // “Water Speaking”

https://youtu.be/2XQD1-cHbuw by Jenna Orgeron Special Sections Editor Some southern Louisiana natives still speak in their own language, which evolved from a combination of cultures influenced... Details
Let Me “Bayou” a Drink // Bar Hopping

Let Me “Bayou” a Drink // Bar Hopping

by Jenna Orgeron Special Sections Editor https://youtu.be/97NCGoho9zU Boat bar-hopping is just one of the unique activities that bayou region residents have discovered and mastered based... Details
Spicin’ It Up<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Cajun Style</span>

Spicin’ It Up // Cajun Style

by Alondra Medrano Special Sections Editor The use of spices in Cajun cooking is a staple in South Louisiana cuisine. For years, seasoning has been... Details
Caffeinated Livin’ <span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Bayou Brewing</span>

Caffeinated Livin’ // Bayou Brewing

by Alondra Medrano Co-Features Editor https://youtu.be/9kwkJaExKYk Find Weeping Willow Cafe: Find PJ's Coffee: Details
South Louisiana’s Snowball <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// A Frozen Delicacy</span>

South Louisiana’s Snowball // A Frozen Delicacy

https://youtu.be/-fp5tI80wwo by Alondra Medrano Special Sections Editor The sun beats down on South Louisiana, the sweltering heat and humidity smothering the summer fun, yet that’s... Details
Dramatic Works<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Queen Sugar & St. Joseph Plantation</span>

Dramatic Works // Queen Sugar & St. Joseph Plantation

by Alvin Conley Special Sections Editor and Amber Burton Managing Editor https://youtu.be/LKNbfYZAt3Q Find St. Joseph Plantation: Details
The Struggle to Work<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // The Thibodaux Massacre</span>

The Struggle to Work // The Thibodaux Massacre

by Rachel Klaus Co-Features EditorWork in the Bayou Region, just like much of the South, has many roots in slavery. Slaves were often field hands... Details
Work from the Heart<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Conley Catering</span>

Work from the Heart // Conley Catering

https://youtu.be/hwbLZ87zL94 by Alvin Conley Special Sections Editor Dishes clinging, food sizzling, and heat refusing to go unnoticed all while the soft R&B music plays in... Details
A Working History<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Laurel Valley</span>

A Working History // Laurel Valley

by Rachel Klaus Co-Features Editor[metaslider id=2658]Nestled two miles below the city of Thibodaux is the South's largest surviving sugar plantation complex, Laurel Valley. This beautiful... Details