Women in Power <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// Geaux Girl </span>

Women in Power // Geaux Girl

Loading... by Jessica Taylor Features Editor From protecting individuals for the improvement of the community to successful businesses, the women of South Louisiana are an... Details
Mother-Daughter Venture<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Ginger & Bee </span>

Mother-Daughter Venture // Ginger & Bee

by Angelle Gaspard Managing Editor Meet these Bayou Women in Power [metaslider id=2274] Details
Quintessential Crawfish <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// Holly Marie’s Seafood </span>

Quintessential Crawfish // Holly Marie’s Seafood

by Sarah Zeringue Design & Web Editor Editor Holly Marie is not your typical Monday-Friday business owner. She works hands on providing the Mathews and... Details
Serving Her Country<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Jennifer Marts</span>

Serving Her Country // Jennifer Marts

by Jessica Taylor Features Editor[metaslider id=2169] Balancing academic work while being an active member of the United States Army is a task that Nicholls State... Details
Women Serving the Bayou <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// Volunteerism </span>

Women Serving the Bayou // Volunteerism

by Tatum Gehbauer Video/Audio Editor by Jessica Taylor Features Editor Service leagues around the United States focus on helping their communities and local businesses. Specifically... Details
Animal Business<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Cathy Lee-Stephens </span>

Animal Business // Cathy Lee-Stephens

by Tatum Gehbauer Video/Audio Editor Meet this Bayou Woman in Power Details
In Government <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// Annette Fontana </span>

In Government // Annette Fontana

by Jessica Taylor Features Editor South Louisiana is not short of powerful women. From police officers to business owners and government officials, the women in... Details
Instilling Self-Esteem <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// Girls on the Run </span>

Instilling Self-Esteem // Girls on the Run

by Tatum Gehbauer Video/Audio Editor Meet these Bayou Women in Power [metaslider id=2242] Details