ConstitutionWelcome to the Department of Social Sciences.

The Political Science program is designed to give the students of the bayou region a comprehensive understanding of the essential aspects of politics. We offer courses in all subfields of the discipline, with offerings in American government, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. We give students the analytical and critical tools necessary to evaluate political events and more importantly, to become actively engaged citizens. Law school has been our most common placement and often times, our students receive scholarship offers to attend. However, a degree in political science opens a variety of career paths and we have placed students in law enforcement, journalism, graduate school,the military, business, education, and government.

The Sociology program is designed to provide a sound education in sociological content, theory, and methodology in order to prepare students for employment or for further study. Sociology is the study of the organization, dynamics and consequences of social life. Sociologists study social interaction and relationships, organizations and institutions, communities and whole societies. Our work yields powerful insights into the social processes shaping lives, problems and possibilities in contemporary society. Our students are actively involved in the community and log dozens of service hours as part of the program. We have been especially effective in promoting undergraduate research and placing students in graduate school and social work.

The Criminal Justice program is designed to address the bayou/coastal region’s current and future needs in the area of law enforcement and security. The program emphasizes coastal and maritime issues and is custom-made for the Associate Degree transfer student to complete the four-year B.S. degree by entering studies at the junior level. Students beginning the college experience as freshmen may complete foundation courses in general education and criminal justice in preparation for the main program ahead.

Please feel free browse our site where you will find more information about our faculty and degree programs, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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