Social Work Concentration

The five required courses for the Social Work concentration include:

SOCI 300 – Social Services. In-depth analysis of the profession of social work and its effects on the individual, community, and national population. Examination of social work values and primary functions. Community, state, and federal resources, institutions, and social service programs are presented in an active learning environment.

SOCI 302 – Social work and the Aging Individual. Orients the student to the biopsychosocial aspects of the aging process. Examines and applies sociological concepts to stereotypes, special problems, and policies and programs directed toward the aging individual. Presents a contemporary view on later life development.

SOCI 303 – Religion: A Social Force. Academic study of religion focusing on the pattern of beliefs and practices of contemporary global modern societies. Specific analysis of the cognitive, ethical, ritual, institutional, aesthetic, and emotional dimensions will be applied to enhance an understanding of cultural religious practices.

SOCI 304 – Community Development. : Study of concepts of social activism and progressive organizing relative to grass roots movements and the process of societal change. Organizational models examined and applied in a real world setting.

SOCI 306 – Case Management – Generalist Practice. Skills for entry level human service provision. Case management, effective communication, and inter-agency relations are presented with application to case history.

The student may choose one of the following courses to fulfill the concentration:

SOCI 325 – Medical Sociology. This course examines the significance of social and cultural factors in the productions, service, delivery and utilization of health care.

SOCI 333 – Sociology of Social Work. This course illuminates the bridge between basic sociological theory and how that theory can be of practical use to social workers.

SOCI 372 – Selected Topics. This course will be utilized to provide specific topical courses relative to current trends in social work.

NURS 352. Perspectives on Death and Dying. 3-3-0. A multidisciplinary overview of death and dying. Explores death as a personal phenomenon. Information sharing, values clarification, and coping behaviors are emphasized. Open to non-nursing students.