Admission as a Non-Degree or Pre-Program Student

Non-degree students:
Individuals who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree at Nicholls may be admitted to graduate studies as non-degree or certification-only students.

Pre-program students:
Students who wish to pursue a degree but have not met all of the requirements for admission to a graduate program (for example, no GRE score, insufficient GRE score or no teaching certificate) may be admitted to graduate studies as pre-program students.

Credit as a non-degree or pre-professional student:
No more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit (and no grade less than a B) earned while in a non-degree, certification-only or pre-program classification may later be applied toward a Nicholls degree. In business administration, however, no graduate credit earned as a non-degree or pre-program student may later be applied toward the MBA degree at Nicholls.