Admission of Seniors to Part-Time Graduate Study

Nicholls seniors can get an early start on earning graduate credit. During their final semester or session, seniors may petition to register as pre-program students for up to six semester hours of graduate coursework. Approval may be granted if applicants:

  • have at least a 3.20 grade point average on all undergraduate work pursued,
  • lack no more than nine semester hours to complete their baccalaureate degree requirements if petitioning for a semester OR lack no more than six semester hours if petitioning for a summer session,
  • will carry no more than 15 semester hours during a regular semester OR 10 semester hours during a summer session (Total semester hours includes baccalaureate requirements and no more than six semester hours of graduate credit for a semester OR four for a summer session.) and
  • file the appropriate petition form with their academic dean prior to registration.

Seniors earning graduate credit retain their undergraduate status and are also regarded as transient or non-degree students. Their graduate credits earned are subject to the same conditions are those stated for the graduate transient or non-degree student. Courses taken under these circumstances may not count for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

Petition for Pursuit of Graduate Work as an Undergraduate Senior