Admission of Seniors to Part-Time Graduate Study

A senior may petition to register for a maximum of 12 hours of graduate coursework by completing the appropriate petition form with his or her academic dean prior to registration. Form can be found at

The petitioner must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least a 3.20 cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) on all undergraduate work pursued.
  • Lack no more than 30 semester hours to complete baccalaureate degree requirements.*

If granted permission to enroll in graduate coursework while pursuing an undergraduate degree, the student must adhere to and/or be aware of the following:

  • Student may earn no more than 12 graduate credit hours while completing baccalaureate requirements.
  • Student may not carry more than 15 semester hours (both undergraduate and graduate) during a regular semester or ten semester hours during a summer session. This shall include all baccalaureate requirements and no more than six semester hours of graduate credit for a semester or four for a summer session.
  • Courses taken for graduate credit CANNOT be used to satisfy undergraduate requirements.
  • Undergraduate status is retained until the baccalaureate degree is earned.
  • While taking undergraduate and graduate courses as an undergraduate student, the student must maintain a minimum of 3.0 on all graduate courses AND must maintain a minimum of 3.2 cumulative undergraduate GPA. If these grade conditions are not met, then the student will not be allowed to petition for enrollment in other graduate courses while pursuing his or her baccalaureate degree.
  • Taking graduate courses as an undergraduate does not imply or guarantee that the student will be accepted into any specific graduate program at Nicholls State University. After receiving a baccalaureate degree, a student must apply for graduate school admission and meet all admission requirements as outlined for a specific program and be accepted into a program to apply previously taken graduate courses to the program.

NOTE: This option is not available for courses offered through the executive MBA program due to specific admission requirements.

Petition for Pursuit of Graduate Work as an Undergraduate Senior