Admission on Visitor Status

Individuals who wish to enroll in graduate courses part time but do not wish to pursue a degree may enroll under visitor status. As a visitor, students may earn college credit, and an official transcript of these credits will be available upon request to the Office of Records and Registration.

Applying credit to graduate work:
While classified as visitors, students may only earn a maximum of 12 semester hours of graduate work that may be applied toward a master’s degree. However, credits earned under this type of admission may not be used automatically toward any graduate degree. All requirements for regular admission must be met prior to petitioning for graduate degree credit. Petitions must be submitted in writing.

Maintaining visitor status:
An appointment for registration will be prepared for the next regular semester or session following initial enrollment in visitor status. Students who do not re-enroll as visitors for that particular semester or session must apply for re-admission before returning to the university.